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Patagonia eco wetsuit

Patagonia has partnered with eco-friendly biomaterial firm Yulex to create the first plant based wetsuit. The natural rubber is made from the guayule plant and uses water as a solvent where "traditional rubber plants and synthetic rubber production both use environmentally harmful solvents and create a vast amount of non-biodegradable byproducts". They're now sharing their findings with all other major wetsuit producers in the hopes of having a larger environmental impact for the better.  

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True Cost

Any questions you may have about the importance of sustainable fashion are answered by this new film The True Cost. From farming the fibres to discarding the used product, The True Cost places the facts point by point in a heartfelt, informative, and beautiful introduction to the struggling factory workers and the great minds calling for humans to be more humane. You may watch the film here

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New Project

My next project of surf friendly and eco friendly swimwear has been accepted by an amazing website to receive funding. is a crowd funding platform backed by the NZ arts foundation. The deal is that in order to receive the money I have to reach my target within 30 days otherwise the money is sent back to each donor…so I need as many people to help as possible. I’ve had the bikinis, onesies and rashies designed and patternmade for a while now. They’ll be made with Econyl‘s high tech recycled nylon and cut from a tessellating pattern so that no waste is created. I’m just waiting for the fabric to arrive before I can really get into the making and this...

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