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Tess Magazine - La Rivista del Como Style

You write Emroce, you read "zero impact swimwear"; with a Como heart: a textile excellence, recently included by eco fashion magazine Luxiders among the top 10 eco-sustainable Italian brands. The entrepreneurial idea of Emma Churchill La Rocca, a young designer from New Zealand, whose husband is from Sagnino, came to fruition in Como before moving to New Zealand: a parenthesis due to family reasons ("for our daughter to
start school") and business ("the NZ government encourages the growth of small businesses"). But Emma is currently planning to get back to the lake. "We will move back to Como – she assures - because the Italian roots are too strong in my husband. The idea would be to have an Emroce eco-surf gallery in Italy, and one in NZ so that I can produce inboth countries and skip from summer to summer between them".

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Local Newspaper Article by Ellen Irvine  of Pāpāmoa Post

Tucked away in her Pāpāmoa workshop, Emma La Rocca is a changemaker leading the world in sustainable fashion.
Emma is the founder of Emroce sustainable swimwear: hand-made in Pāpāmoa but worn by women all over the world.
Her innovative zero-waste pattern-making sees her in demand internationally as an expert in her field, sharing her approach with international brands and design students, and she is even featured in a sustainable fashion museum in Amsterdam.


zero waste swimwear made in new zealand. Photography by Lou Lou B, Mount Maunganui, Model Shayna Ormsby, Vintage umberella




Review by Alicia Silverstone

Alicia requested a selection of our swimwear to personally use and review for her eco lifestyle blog The Kind Life "I have this top and love it! I pair it with the high-waisted bottoms from Emroce."

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Review by Hinton Magazine

"It would be assumed that sustainable fashion does not come cheap, however Emroce has swimwear which has a price to suit everyone, ranging from £24.59 to £50.09"

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Blog post - My Punk Box

In Italiano

Seguo il brand Emroce da almeno un anno, forse più. Oggi ho deciso di condividerlo con voi perché lo considero un’ottima sintesi di quello che intendo per brand sostenibile. La sua fondatrice, Emma La Rocca, si impegna a diffondere e incoraggiare, attraverso il suo brand, il consumo etico ben conscia di quanto i consumi, anche nel mondo moda, siano estremamente dannosi per lavoratori e ambiente. Emroce è particolarmente sensibile al tema ambientale e mira ad avere un’intera produzione sostenibile. Come?!

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- Article in Our Place Magazine -

Issue 24

'Emma and her family moved back earlier this year to settle in The Mount. "Coming here was the natural choice because I needed somewhere I could test my products. I think of Swimwear as a tool - yes it's got to cover your body and look good, but when you're surfing in the ocean, it needs to stay put."

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- Luxiders magazine includes us amongst their  10 responsable fashion brands made in Italy -

Italy is famous not only for the beauty for its breath-taking landscapes but also for its art, opera, architecture, films, food and fashion... Looks like Italians are good at many things, but sadly, sustainability isn’t one of them. However, things have started to change in past few years, especially in the realm of fashion.


review by luxiders magazine emroce sustainable swimwear




- Cleo Magazine mentions us as one of their fav brands stocked by shop unplug in Malaysia -

Najmia Zulkarnain, 31 and Atiyya Zulkarnain, 28 are sisters and business partners. They launched Unplug, a conscious select store just earlier this year. It’s a platform that houses local and international brands that are conscious-driven, meaning the brands they curate give back environmentally or socially.

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- Shout out by Rebelfemme magazine -

The emerging eco-friendly swimwear brands to follow and shop.




- Work exibited at Avantex Paris, International Fair for Innovative Textiles -

'The Zero Waste Design area has been set up at the heart of the show in order to showcase innovations to avoid waste in the industry by using 3D designing. An initiative supported by a collective of designers under the French label MILAN AV-JC which is already famous for its ingenious method of cutting without generating offcuts. A catwalk show of the designs made using this innovative technique is planned.'

zero waste bikini pattern by emroce for exibition display in avantex paris




- Article by Macca of Islowly -

En Español

'Una marca que fomenta el cuidado de los océanos mientras disfrutamos del verano'

macca from islowly hot air top - high waist bikini bottom - uruguay - sustainable blogger - español - zero waste swimwear




- Surf Bunker Review -

'My bikini was just as comfortable as every other big brand out there, if not more. I could feel that the fabric was of a high-quality standard and it was flattering with its sporty and sexy cut.'

swimwear for surfing made from recycled fibres tested by surfbunker in Taranaki New Zealand - photo by Julia Ochs




- Maredimoda interview -

In Italiano or in English of course it's a love story!

From New Zealand to Como Lake the adventurous journey of Emma Churchill, swimwear designer and founder of the eco-sustainable brand emroce.

emma churchill of emroce - zero waste swimwear designer - pattern maker - new zealand - europe - made in italy



- ECO swimwear guide -

Conscious consumption is at the heart of emroce’s designs. The way we currently consume is not sustainable and the founder, Emma Churchill, is working to help us have better made, longer lasting pieces. The current surf-ready swimwear collection – Deco del Mar – has been designed with zero waste principles using ECONYL®, a fabric made from fishing nets and other waste. The unique designs have been created with different activities in mind, but all are ready to get out and enjoy the waves.

emroce eco swimwear guide by mochni - zero waste swimwear made for surfing


- econyl case study on emroce -

"The slogan for my brand is “Inspiring the world to encourage ethical consumption.”And that is what I aim to do with my collections. I display them in art galleries so that I can get more information across to people about the environmental damage created by the fashion industry. Alongside this information, I offer my clothing as an alternative and possible solution, and I display my zero waste patterns. People slow down in an art gallery they try to take everything in, and they can still buy the clothing just like in an ordinary shop. In a typical shop, they’re just in and out. If I’m lucky, they’ll read the tag..." read more

swimwear for surfing made from recycled fibres

- Sartorial Snob Q&A with Emma Churchill of emroce -

"4. Your price point is still very reasonable, how do you make this happen?

I'm in my first year of following my accounts so I've made an estimate of what I spend for the year and how much I sell. I hope it evens out at the end. Fancy swing tags, labels and bags have a lot to answer for. I've got a few overheads and I don't actually write my hours down for my pattern making as there's too many moments in there of staring into blankness. Plus once the pattern is made I'll use it for the rest of my life. The fact that the patterns are zero waste also means that I'm not throwing away money. It's sustainable and extremely economical. I would like to keep things affordable so that people don't have to think twice about choosing my swimwear over something not ethical..." read more

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- Blog post by -

Making Waves : Emroce Swimwear

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- More Swimwear article -

"The functionality of a garment as its true beauty is central to the Emroce brand standard.
I chose to focus on my two favorite suits from this collection the One.One.Onsey, Hot Air Top and High Waisters bottoms..." read more

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- Feature on youtube series Haulternative -




- NO Magazine article - Fresh out of university -

      NO Magazine cover - reinvention - peaches - emroce  emroce consume this shoot buy NO Magazine nz 

    NO Magazine interview with emma churchill of emroce fresh out of university