Interview 3 - Bangladesh

-Name- Sohan Kahn

-From- Bangladesh

-Age- 19

-Past occupation- High school student

-What happened to make you leave- "Land disputes between my Dad and Uncle lead to the family farm being taken off my Father. We were forced to move and I had to start earning money to support my family."

-How did you travel to Italy- "A broker advised my Father to send me to Libya to make money. I worked for 6 months before my boss sold me to a new broker. People soon came in the night, took me and put me on a boat to Italy. I had no idea of what was happening."

-What do you miss from home- My family


These interviews are research towards the upcoming, zero waste swimwear collection by emroce. The collection will speak of the refugee crisis here in Italy in the hopes of getting some real information across and to inspire the Italiani to feel more proud of their situation to help. The collection will be displayed in art galleries in Milano and Como See past zero waste collections by emroce...

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