Learning the normalities

scuola di rebbio learning Italiano
Here we are at La Scuola dei Refugiati in Rebbio learning the words 'There is' and 'There are' and with this you can see the pupils need to speak. They can't tell their problems to each other because they all have issues as great as each others. So it's nice that they at least have the blackboard to express themselves.
"There is no house in Italy"
"There is no work at home today"
"There is no bathroom in my home"
These blog posts are research towards the upcoming, zero waste swimwear collection by emroce. The collection will speak of the refugee crisis here in Italy in the hopes of getting some real information across and to inspire the Italiani to feel more proud of their situation to help. The collection will be displayed in art galleries in Milano and Como See past zero waste collections by emroce...

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