Carnevale di Schignano 2018 - We Are All Immigrants

The Carnivale di Schignano celebrates this small Italian towns coming and goings of it's immigrants. The Bèl are those who have travelled and returned with money and the Brut are those who stayed behind and became hunters. Although it was also said that the Brut are those who travelled and came back with no money. It depends on who you're talking to in the bar and how late in the day it is. The outfits are made from pre-loved fabrics by mums and aunties and the fashion is amazing. The town is dressed like this from 6am and what fun they have!

There is no written way of how the 2 characters act. The younger generations simply work with what they have seen over their lifetime of carnivale. The Brut spend their time hiding behind their masks and playing tricks on the bystanders and the Bèl are like peacocks showing off their splendor. No one speaks. It's a 300 year old theatre that once a year roams through the streets of Schignano.


These blog posts are research towards the upcoming, zero waste swimwear collection by emroce. The collection will speak of the refugee crisis here in Italy in the hopes of getting some real information across and to inspire the Italiani to feel more proud of their situation to help. The collection will be displayed in art galleries in Milano and Como See past zero waste collections by emroce...

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