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Carnevale di Schignano 2018 - We Are All Immigrants

The Carnivale di Schignano celebrates this small Italian towns coming and goings of it's immigrants. The Bèl are those who have travelled and returned with money and the Brut are those who stayed behind and became hunters. Although it was also said that the Brut are those who travelled and came back with no money. It depends on who you're talking to in the bar and how late in the day it is. The outfits are made from pre-loved fabrics by mums and aunties and the fashion is amazing. The town is dressed like this from 6am and what fun they have! There is no written way of how the 2 characters act. The younger generations simply work with what...

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Un pensamento da un volontario. Quando guardiamo la televisione, ascoltiamo la radio e sentiamo parlare degli sbarchi degli immigrati non ci rendiamo conto fino in fondo che si tratta di esseriumani, di persone e non di numeri. Oggi ne sono morti 100, ieri altrettanti, ma chierano? Tutti senza un nome, senza una storia, ma ecco, chi si è salvato da questocalvario inimmaginabile è qui con occhi profondi, che cercano ascolto e attenzione,bene, questo è quello che faccio, dedico tempo. Alla scuola di Rebbio vive stabilmente un gruppo di donne nigeriane di età compresa tra i 18 e 30 anni, molte sono arrivate con i loro bambini, altre invece li portavano in grembo. L’arrivo in Italia, la luce in fondo al...

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The first lady - Interview 5

-Name- Josiane -From- Cameroon -Age- 26 -Past occupation- Hair stylist, Hair braiding -What happened to make you leave- "I was walking home from work one day and a guy started following me in his car. He was asking me 'Where is your house, where do you live? I'll take you there'. I lived far away and he seemed nice so I decided to go with him but I didn't know that there were 2 people in the back seat. They put a tissue over my face which made me sleep. When I woke up I was in a big house. Men came and raped me every day. They cut my leg really bad so that I couldn't run away. I was stuck in the house...

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